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        Registration of 2015/2016 fresh students of Federal University Oye-Ekiti is in progress. Information and Protocol Unit crew interviewed some freshmen to gain insight into their first impression of the university.
The students  were evidently impressed and commended the school authority for ease of registration on the university portal, given that the university is barely five years old. They however implored ICT department to deal with the ocassional computer glitches and internet errors.
        On the other hand, students whose departments are at Ikole Campus complained of the fiscal and physical stress arising from shuttling between the two campuses for registration. However, they were assured that it was only for a while and they would be through with registration and face their studies fully.
        Another area the students were unanimous in seeking for relief was the area of shuttle buses that would have made their movement  a little  less tasking within and between the campuses.  It was understood that even though the university has a shuttle bus arrangement in place, it does not seem to assuage demand. They were however optimist that this issue would be reviewed soonest.
        To lighten up the interview, the crew sought names of the principal officers of the university from a number of students. Incidentally, their responses proved that most students in our tertiary institutions today  do not know the names of their Vice-Chancellor, DVC,  Registrar, etc.



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