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Members of Congress, Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities, FUOYE Chapter, recently played host to the South/West National Vice Chairman of the union, Comrade Alfred Jimoh, at the University auditorium.

The brief meeting came on the premise that the Pro-term management team of the body at FUOYE should be strengthened owing to the loss of two of its Exco members in a tragic car crash last year. Comrade Jimoh stated that he had come to officially commiserate with the entire congress over the loss of the departed executive members who died while on active service. He called for a minute of silence to be observed for the late comrades. He equally pleaded with members not to cast aspersion on him for not showing up ever since their demise adding that he had engagements at the national level which unavoidably constrained him. 

He advised congress to reach a consensus to adopt two members into the management team to fill the vacuum created by the exit of the former comrades and consequently re-shuffled the five-member EXCO. This would help ease off the heavy burden of responsibilities that were to be discharged by these officials, he said.

When asked about the time proper general elections would be conducted in the institution, Comrade Jimoh appealed to congress to exercise little patience pending when there is an official approval of the new constitution by the National Executive Council of SSANU. This according to him would serve as guide to elections. He further disclosed that union bodies at their respective branch levels could have a bye-law governing its operations which, however, must be in tandem with the constitution to avoid making obnoxious laws that may contravene the provisions of the law as contained therein.

A member of congress submitted that an incontestable slot be given to the bursary department of the university to nominate a replacement for the post of SSANU Chairman when the general election takes place. Responding, Comrade Jimoh charged the EXCOS to be proactive and diplomatic in dealing with contentious issues and urged them to always ensure they discharged duties according to their conscience. 



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