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Communication has been identified as the sole business of university administrators. In a lecture titled Effective Writing Skills in University Administration: Memo/Minutes Writing, Mr. Oluwatade Faith of the Registry Department of Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE) pointed out that letters, circulars, reports, minutes, memos, among others, are all avenues through which the administrator seeks to communicate his thoughts. 

He, therefore, called for exactness, succinctness and clarity of thought and expression. Mr. Oluwatade quoted Dr. Omojola Awususi as saying that “an administrator’s written and undersigned documents are his professional image’. “The administrator is paid to communicate,” he was quoted to have said.

Displaying formats for minutes and report writing, Mr. Oluwatade stressed the need for the administrator to obtain prior knowledge of the agenda for the meeting and then get the correct spelling of the names of persons.  According to him, the importance of obtaining and delivering correct information cannot be overemphasized as it saves the administrator embarrassment of misinformation.

In his post-lecture speech, the Registrar, Mr. D. A. Adeyemo emphasized the importance of the power of organized thought and articulation of ideas. He encouraged administrators to view the training series with all seriousness as knowledge gained thereto could in no small way advance their careers. It was the occasion of the first 2016 edition of FUOYE chapter of All Nigerian Universities Professional Administrators (ANUPA) lecture series held on Friday February 26th. Staff of administrative officer cadre and members of the association attended the occasion which also served as a forum for their monthly meeting.



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