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A doctor of Mathematics, Enoch O. Opeyemi, who solved the 157-year-old Mathematics problem of the German mathematician, Riemann, has disclosed that the long-awaited solution can be applied to certain areas of life for the advancement of humanity.

The teacher of Mathematics at Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE) made this disclosure during the University-wide lecture entitled The Long-Awaited Solution: The Oldest Unsolved Mathematics Problem held on Wednesday 2nd March, 2016 at the university’s main auditorium. 

According to Dr. Enoch, solution to the Riemann Zeta can be useful in banking, in the cure of viral diseases and cancer; in the construction of quantum computers as well as in the detonation of nuclear capsules before they hit target and explode, among other technological innovations.

Presenting his work on a mathematical problem of more than thirty equations, the Mathematics don pointed out that certain Mathematical problems can only be solved if there is an operator or matrix. He also noted that many who criticized or challenged him at first have now kept quiet as the Mathematics Department of FUOYE and some international bodies knowledgeable on the subject  have certified his work.

Dr. Enoch called on governments to build collaborations with the academics and private investors for the purpose of harnessing research findings and creating market patents for the benefit of mankind. 

The Dean, Faculty of Science, Prof. Sylvia Uzochukwu, who was at the lecture, was clearly impressed with Dr. Enoch’s work. She commended him and hinted that the work was a sure ground to push for his professorship.



  1. Mathematics is interesting. It's like an adventure, you’ll always find something like "X" that is missing, given "Y" and you’ll get to your destination (result) happy (pass!, if you’ve taken the right path) or sad (fail!, if you’ve taken the wrong path.)
    Just like Rose flourishing in the midst of thorns...Rising beyond travails...Dr. Kudos!
    Somethings things might be taken away from you, but not what you know.
    Let’s ensure that we're known for something good and we keep improving our knowledge and skills. #wakeupfuoye

  2. Waw,such an interesting achievement all I av to say is thank u for creating a good path that sprowters like us could follow. U have proved that academic height are achievable without considering any wrong alternative root. Once more God bless you Doc, catch u at the top sir